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  • ※401 Jiufen

    ※401 Jiufen

    Jiufen is a mountain area in Ruifang District, New Taipei City. It used to thrive on gold mining business but went into decline after the mine was shut off. However, its unique antique buildings, tea houses, local cuisine and mountainous scenery still attract lots of tourists every year. If you want to get away from the busy life in the city, Jiufen would be your best choice.

  • ※403 Little Monster

    ※403 Little Monster

    The little monsters hidden among the mountains are mischievous artists, and the land is just their best amusement park. Dotted with cabins and decorated in the natural style, they are sure to provide every traveler with the coziest atmosphere and awaken the memory of childhood.

  • ※507 Animal forest

    ※507 Animal forest

    Featuring countless adorable forest creatures, going along with the gray and green tinge, the Animal Forest gives you the freshest and the most healing breath. Like sitting in the silence of a valley, accompanied by these cuties, you can never find a better place to refresh and comfort yourself!

  • ※508 Sakura Kyoto

    ※508 Sakura Kyoto

    New York is famous for the numerous skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty. The BIG APPLE always welcome the travelers around the world, taking the American dream of thousands of people. With black and white image of classic New York, showing the most classic urban style.