Morwing Hotel-Fairytale



Morwinghotelstory is conveniently located near to the Taipei Main Station where different modes of public transport systems converge.
Morwing Hotel – Story is located on Section 1, Kaifeng Street, and between  Bo’ai Road and Chongqing Street, and is near to Taipei Main Station, the center of Taipei public transportations.
To get to the hotel from Taipei Main Station, please walk through the tunnel, Station Front Metro Mall, to Exit Z10. After going up the stairs, turn right to Kaifeng Street, and go one block to the left. Morwing Hotel is the green building.
For guests who do not want to walk up the stairs, taking the elevator in Exit Z4 is also an option.  After getting out of the elevator , and turn  left on to Guanqian Road.  While seeing a McDonald’s, turn right, and walk down the street. After about 5-7 minutes walking, the green building will be on the left side.
Dragon Bus, CitiAir Bus, HO-HSIN Bus, ALOHA Bus, Kuo-Kuang, Ubus.Service tel:(02)2550-4458
From Taoyuan International Airport to our hotel:
(A)Free Go Bus,
Fare:NT$140    Intervals:15-20 minutes
Business Hours05:30-01:00
Stop: Zhongshan Fuxing station then by Taxi. (NT$150)
(B)Kuo-Kuang Bus (1819):
Intervals:15-20 minutes
Business hours05:40-00:30
Trip Length:50-60 minutes
Stop: Taipei Main Station Entrance East 3
5 minutes Walking distance to our hotel.
(C)CitiAir Bus (1961):
Intervals:30 minutes
Trip Length:70-80 minutes
Stop: Taipei West Station Building A
5 minutes Walking distance to our hotels.
Morwinghotelstory to Taoyuan International Airport.
5 minutes walking distance to Taipei West Station Building A, taking Kuo-Kuang Bus (1819) or CitiAir Bus (1961)
Business hours04:30-23:20
Intervals:15-30 minutes
Trip Length:50-60 minutes

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